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How To Install BB Rec Screen Recorder for iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak

Free Download and Install BB-Rec Screen Recorder for iOS without Jailbreak: Hi Friends,  Today again we learn another super cool article for iOS users. BB-Rec is one of the stunning tool for capture screen on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod or iPad) for free of course.Most of the iOS device won't be able to record on the screen of their iPod/iPhone/iPad as Apple doesn’t have a built-in tool for capturing.

Key Features Of BB-Rec Screen Recorder And Why Should You Use BB Screen Recorder?

The one and only the popular most way utilized by the users are by connecting their device to iMac and checking with some external application; we
would say that its way to cumbersome and tiresome process. But in this article, e are going to show off you a fantastic application for iOS users to record their the screen called “BB-Rec Screen Recorder for iOS.”
BB-Rec Screen Recorder lets you record your iOS device without jailbreaking. It’s certainly wonderful. Without further to-do let’s find out how to use BB recto record screen on iPhone, iPod or iPad instantly.
There are pre-installed share buttons so that you can share your video on any social media.
You will be able to record your device for the continuous period of 2.5 hours, that too with crisp and clear quality.
The user-interface of this application is highly appreciable as even a newbie won’t stumble up.

How To Download BB-Rec Screen Recorder On iOS 10/9.4/9.3 (iPhone/iPad)(No/Without Jailbreak):
How are you going to download and install then? I am going to tell you how to do it. You can try out this application on the iOS series like iOS 10, iOS 9.3.5, iOS 9.3.4, iOS 9.3.3, iOS 9.2.1/9.2, iOS 9/9.1, iOS 9.3.1, iOS 9.3, iOS 9.3.2 and if we want to place up devices, this application will work correctly over iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPad Air and much more devices.

You can use this guide to install BB-Rec within in an instant. Let’s get down to the main course. Just follow this step by step info to acquire bb screen recorder app on iOS.

1)  Before going to the actual installation process, Go to Settings>>General>>Software Update and          update your iOS device to the latest version.

2)  Click the below-given URL paste it into any browser on your Windows PC. You can observe the         download option. Click on that download button to download VShae.EXE file.


3)   After completion of the download, double click on the EXE file to install it.

4)  Hope you installed the VShare app on your PC successfully. Now, connect your iOS device to
your PC via USB cable.
5)  Wait for few seconds to sync your iDevice with VShare app. Soon your device will fully connect
to software.

6)   Now click on “Apps” on VShare software and search for “BB-Rec” app. Click download option.
It will be downloaded to both your computer and iOS device simultaneously.

7)  After few seconds, you can find both BB-Rec and VShare SE apps on your iPhone/iPad devices.

Some people were complaining that, though this application is working perfectly there are some issues with this screen recorder. Let’s have a look at those bugs and how to fix them.

BB Rec Android :

In the Android world, directly installing an APK is also called “side loading.” There are numerous reasons why you should know about installing app files.
Not all manufacturers support Google Play Store on their Android devices, in that case, you have to install apps via sideloading. so, go to play store and try to other screen capture software.
Featured on Google Play Home Page, Android Police, Yahoo News, CNET, Android Central, Droid-Life and more.

1) AZ Screen Recorder :

AZ Screen Recorder is the best app to record the screen of your Lollipop. It does NOT require root access, no time limit, no watermark, ad-free and very easy to use with one action to start and stop recording. This screen recording app will let you make beautiful screencast videos by providing every feature that you need in a straightforward and elegant user experience design.if you are the Android user, then you can download AZ screen recorder lets you record your screen to HD and FullHD videos and it is the only screencast app in the Android market that can be paused and resumed while recording.You can also record audio from the mic, and it is automatically mixed into the screencast videos. That makes it very convenient to create the tutorial, promotional video, comment about your game and gameplay or record video chat.The floating window always staying on top will let you snap at the exact moment on any screen. In the settings, you can enable screen touches so the people who are watching your videos will know exactly what you are doing.Additionally, there are many other features in this free screen recorder such as setting video resolution, bitrate, screen orientation, customized timer to stop, saving directory selection, view/share or delete your recorded videos... All of them are free for you!

Also Read : Android is the best way to pass the time on the internet. Now use this best video downloader apps for android to stream and download the videos online on trickyindia. Follow the instruction and install the amazing apps.

How to use the Az Screen Recorder

  • Magic button: a knob that controls your recording without showing anything on the screen. Thus, your video viewers will solely focus on the app, the game or whatever you want to screencast.
  • Overlay front camera: you can record your face and your emotions in a small overlay window, which can be dragged freely to any position on the screen and customized to any size and opacity.
  • Countdown timer: is there something you have to prepare before recording? Don't worry; the countdown timer will wait until you are ready to start and snap at the moment you want.
  • Draw on screen: this unique feature is huge when making a tutorial. You can emphasize, draw a symbol or mark something with any chosen color directly on your screen.
  • Trim videos: the screencast can be long and contains unnecessary information, you can cut the parts you don't want to make your videos even more impressive.

2)  REC Screen Recorder:

it is another free screen recorder for the Android device that is REC Screen Recorder.Download REC Screen Recorder PRO for FREE to record your Android device’s screen seamlessly. REC Screen Recorder PRO provides ultimate user experience and technical superiority in screen recording comparing to our competitors. This screen recording app is easy to use and produce high-quality screen videos that you can use for just about anything.

REC Screen Recorder PRO is perfect for gamers who want to record their gaming sessions to create tutorial videos, or even just to show off. An app developer will find our screen recorder app very useful to create an app video for their apps. Perhaps you are chatting face to face with your friends or family and want to record it to replay it later? There are tons of others situations where REC Screen Recorder PRO can help you.

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Folx As Fast And Effective Download Manager For Mac

In the days of fast Internet and fast pace of life, we all are looking for reliable and fast-operating applications. A good download manager that can handle all sorts and sizes of downloads with the possibility to resume interrupted downloads. One of the best options on the market is Folx download manager.

Folx 5 Download Manager

Folx  is a neatly looking app. Its clean interface has all on display in the right spots so users can easily see, understand and use. One can just paste a link to download or search criteria for searching through the torrent trackers in the input bar on the top.

The drop-down menu in the top-center part of the app window allows to choose different views: what's downloading now, currently paused downloads, scheduled tasks, currently seeding content, and completed tasks.

Folx displays information on each current task: file name, priority, the downloading progress, the speed. It is convenient to keep an eye on the speed of each download to see if for some reason it is stalling. I frequently use the start/pause button to the left of each download. And in case of Internet connection is lost, the download will always resume once the connection is back

Preference Panels

Folx  is a download manager for a reason. The management possibilities are vast, including basic possibilities like opening the preferences with cmd+.

And I know how first things first it is tempting to untick that "Send anonymous usage statistics to Eltima", but it is really anonymous at the same time helping developers improve their product and deliver a better version of it to you.

So there are lots of preferences to play with. One of the most notable is scheduling. You can schedule tasks to be started and stopped at specific times and dates. Then there is the Smart Speed feature. It lets Folx automatically adjust its activity according to other apps using the bandwidth, so that downloading doesn't prevent you from having a normal conversation on Skype for example.

All downloads can be assigned with various tags according to the type of downloaded content. It makes finding the files super easy even if you downloaded it ages ago and can't remember the exact name. But if you still remember it was a comedy, drama, work file, or whatever types you download, Folx will help you locate it in no time.

In the Torrents panel, you can select various parameters for working with torrents and torrent designation files.

The built-in torrent search helps you find torrents hosted on many trackers at a time and then choose which one to download. This way you are spared the hassle of opening torrent trackers in your browser and trying to find the optimally offered content.

Then there is also the Passwords setup. What it is useful for: if you are downloading frequently from a password protected website, you have the possibility to save the login name and password in Folx and next time you start the download from this tracker, you won't have to enter login details, Folx will automatically fill those in.

The only thing I didn't quite like is that in the case of downloading to the external drive, Folx will just say that downloading has failed if the drive happens to be disconnected at that moment.

Browser Integration
Folx offers its own browser extension. I use Chrome, so I found the Folx extension on Google Store. You can add it to your web browser so that it is much easier to initiate downloads whenever you need. I noticed that for the downloads originating from a script file instead of a proper anchor, Folx extension wasn't getting it, so I had to disable the add-on and start again.

If integrating with other Internet browsers, click on their icon in the Browsers panel in Preferences.

Compact Mode
Folx can stay pretty much invisible with its Compact Mode. It will be a tiny window that only shows one download, however, you can scroll through to see others. You can simply drop a link on it to start a new download. To switch to this mode, go to Window→Switch to Compact Mode or use the hotkey combo "ctrl-cmd-m".

I do recommend Folx as your all-in-one download manager and torrent client. I keep my downloads in it and it works perfectly well for me - fast and easy and stable.

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How To Download Apptoko 2.0 APK | Apptoko iOS Download | Apptoko Minecraft

Download Apptoko APK: Hello Friends,Are you Game Lover and download Game on Play store and iTunes. So, it's Good new for you, because today I am Going to say something About Apptoko Apk.
Are You Looking for Best Amazing App store for Downloading the best ever apps and games for your iSO OR Android. Then I suggest the best App store that is Apptoko 2.0 apk free Download. it's it most popular play store and iTunes. but its owns some different apps and game that may not be available on play store or iTunes.
Apptoko for iOS will allow you to download amazing games like Apptoko Minecraft without jailbreaking your device. I will also share the Apptoko APK download in this guide so that everyone will be able to use Apptoko app store on their smartphone on any operating system.

What is Apptoko Store??

Apptoko is one the app store like play store and iTunes where we can download best amazing Android and iOS App. It is always up-to-date with thousands of games and applications. Apptoko app is the one you need to install on your smartphones and tablets and not worry about anything else. It has a large collection of games, applications, wallpapers and ringtones which are updated everyday or every week. The free app downloads are very quick as they have super fast servers in Indonesia and has a very simple user interface which allows you to download apps in just a single click. Let’s Apptoko!

Where To Download Apptoko 2.0 APK

Simply open You browser and search on google Apptoko Download. Then click on first result of google search engine. you will redirect on Apptoko Download official site.
Otherwise you can Click below link to redirect Apptoko apk official site:

The description of Best Apptoko Market - Appstore

Best Apptoko Market - Appstore is review store, we find the top apps and top games from thousand android apps so help you don't need waste time to find, this app intro the best ones for you.
+ Easy to search and use
+ Basic apps for beginner
+ 100% free games
+ Sort by top downloads, recent, trending
+ Update gMO and game online evrey week
+ Support 3 languages
Best Apptoko Market - Appstore will take you a new experience of using app store.

Latest Free Apptoko Apk Download

You can download Apptoko apk 2.0/2.1 which is the latest version of this amazing app here. It is as easy as just downloading the APK file and installing/sideloading it on your Android smartphone and you will have access to all the free or paid apps and games which you are not able to play or use while using the normal official app store.

Step 1: Download Apptoko APK from Click link to redirect Apptoko apk official site: Apptoko.

Step 2: Choose You devise option either iOS or Android and click to Download.

Step 3: Now locate the APK file from your file manager and install it on you phone.

Step 4: You are done, go to your home screen and launch Apptoko to enjoy all the paid apps for free.

Apptoko for iOS Free Download

The most important thing you need to know is that for the installation of Apptoko for iPhone or iPad, you need a jailbroken iOS device. Yes, you need Cydia in order to download Apptoko for iOS. If you have a jailbroken device, follow the below steps,

Step 1: Download Apptoko APK from Click link to redirect Apptoko apk official site: Apptoko.

Step 2: Choose You devise option either iOS or Android and click to Download.

Step 3: Now locate the APK file from your file manager and install it on you phone.

Step 4: You are done, go to your home screen and launch Apptoko to enjoy all the paid apps for free.

Once you have Unified Appsync on your iOS device, download the Apptoko IPA file from the below link
Install Apptoko iOS on your device and voila! Now you can use Apptoko on your iOS device without any issues

Note: I will be updating this guide soon with a method about how to download Apptoko No Jailbreak or Apptoko for iOS without jailbreak once I figure some trick. So keep checking in here for the same.
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AIry as an efficient solution to download videos from YouTube

YouTube is a real treasure for those who appreciate high-quality videos. This is where we go in search of entertainment, educational clips, news, sports, series, movies – you name it. However, videos often get removed or become unavailable due to region restrictions; your Internet connection might be interrupted or too slow to stream a heavy HD video. Maybe it is better to download a video on your hard drive so you can access it from anywhere anytime? You’ll need a third party application to do it, and it should be capable of retaining the original quality of a video for a perfect viewing experience. Airy YouTube downloader does exactly that.
This piece of software is designed for Mac and it works perfectly well with the latest OS - MacOS Sierra. The app is simple to set up and use, and it does not require much of effort to save high-quality videos. The app downloads multiple videos at a time, including entire playlists and channels; not having to go through videos one by one saves a lot of time. You can choose a resolution and format of the download – do it wisely, a lower resolution should do for playback on mobile devices where you would also want to save some memory space. The higher resolution videos will look good on your desktop or TV screen while occupying a bigger chunk of your hard drive.

We often go on YouTube to find a song, not a video clip that comes along with it – to cater for such needs Airy YouTube downloader allows extracting the audio from a video. All you have to do is to choose MP3 in the list of download formats, now you can listen to the downloaded file on your MP3 player.

Another handy feature of Airy is that it enables you downloading age-restricted videos – as long as you meet the criteria, of course. All you have to do is to enter the login and password you use for logging into YouTube – your viewing history can remain private and you get access to the videos blocked for minors.

Back to playlists – downloading them is no different from saving individual videos. Copy the link to a playlist, paste it into the app’s entry field, and choose a format of download, start – that’s it. Your videos will get downloaded in no time, as long as your Internet connection permits it.
Airy YouTube downloader for Mac can be integrated into web browsers, the list of supported browsers include Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. You first need to configure the integration – start with clicking ‘Integrate into Browser’ and follow the instructions. Once you are done with the setup, you can download videos while browsing the Internet – no need to launch the app’s window separately, all you have to do is to click Airy bookmark.

All in all, Airy YouTube downloader for Mac is an easy-to-use app for downloading high-quality videos from YouTube for watching them offline. It allows you to choose the resolution and format of a download thus providing you a good viewing experience on all your devices. The app can easily be integrated into web browsers. Make sure to check out the functionality it offers – you can get a free version and upgrade at $19.99. 
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How To Watch My Favorite Netflix Content Offline | Download Movies?

Welcome Freinds, Are you active in watching movies, TV Show offline. So it's Good new for you because Netflix has accessory the choice to download their content to your phone or tablet via the Netflix app. Not everything on Netflix is currently available for offline viewing, but there's a decent selection available for download right now.

Netflix is using the new AVCHi-Mobile and VP9-Mobile encodes for video compression, improved encoders, and better optimization. It is finally here—the ability to download and save movies and TV shows for viewing offline. This is what Netflix users had been waiting for. The latest version of the Netflix app for Android and iOS now adds the ability to download and save episodes of TV shows and also full-length movies, on the phone or tablet you may be using, and watch them later even if you don’t have a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Contents :
1. What is Netflix?
2. How to Find Shows And Movies to Download?
3. How to Find and Watch Your Netflix Downloads?
4. How to Manage Your Downloaded Netflix Content?

What is Netflix?

Netflix is the world's leading Internet television network which provides facilities beyond virtually 86+ million members in higher than 190+ countries enjoying taking into account 125+ million hours of TV shows and movies per daylight, including original series, documentaries and feature films. The user can watch as much as they throbbing, anytime, anywhere, subsequent to the suggestion to in the report to any Internet-connected screen.The adherent of Netflix can behave, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

How to Find Shows And Movies to Download?

Step 1: Click on Netflix app icon from your home screen.

Step 2: Click on the Menu button in the top left corner of Netflix app.

Step 3: Then top  of the Screen Available for Download.

Step 4: Then Browse through the content that's available to download, then click on the Videos you want to Download in Your Phone.

Step 5: After that click the Download button. If it's your first time, Netflix will highlight where the new download button is.

Step 6: If your phone is not connected via Wi-Fi, you'll get your hands on a notification to turn it on. then simply Press OK Button.

Once you've started downloading a play or movie from Netflix, you will acquire a blue notification gone the download increase at the bottom of your screen. You are accomplished to browse and mount going on for more shows to your download queue. You'as regards along with skillful to go directly to the My Downloads section by tapping the notification following your downloads are tally going on.

How to find and watch your Netflix downloads

Step 1: Click on Netflix app icon from your home screen.

Step 2: Click on the Menu button in the top left corner of Netflix app.

Step 3: Then Go to the My Downloads.

Step 4: Click on watch or downloaded movie or episode.

My Downloads is the home for all the content you've downloaded. Netflix provides the storage information right under the title, so it's quick to see how much space each download is taking up You'll need to tap a show to expand to see the downloaded episodes, while movies and comedy specials will simply be organized alphabetically.

How to manage your downloaded Netflix content

Step 1: Click on Netflix app icon from your home screen.

Step 2: Click on the Menu button in the top left corner of Netflix app.

Step 3: Then Go to the My Downloads.

Step 4: Then Click the Edit icon in the top right corner.

Step 5: Click on the movies, specials, or shows you wish to remove.

Step 6: Click the Trash icon in the top right corner to delete the content.

If you pick an exploit from the main My Downloads page, you will be deleting all episodes of that discharge adherence from your phone. If you on your own dream to cut off some episodes, you'll have to augmentation the do something first, later tap the reduce icon to pick individual episodes.

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Megabox HD App For Android/iOS|Download Megabox HD For PC(Windows 10/8.1/8/7&Mac)

Hello there, if you are on this page it means that you are a big fan of watching movies and tv shows online. well, we all love to watch and download movies.generally, people uses this Netflix and other web surfing sites to watch movies online. but today in this article we are going to learn about an alternative to watching movies online “Megabox had for watching your favorite tv shows online."

First, let's learn about this amazing app called Megabox had apk.

Megabox HD is an app available for all users to watch movies online. using this apk you can stream movies online without cost. yes for absolutely free. This Megabox apk is very useful to watch your favorite tv shows and movies online in HD quality. This app is available for both ios and android users. But you can also install this app on your pc using the “Bluestacks downloader” for pc.

Cool features of Megabox HD app/apk.

This app is available for  free on the internet. This app was originally was developed for android users but anyone can use this app.many popular movie streaming apps are also in the android and ios market like ‘’show box ,movie HD”etc. let's talk about some cool features of this app
This Megabox HD app is completely free to use .
You can download or watch your favorite shows,
Easy and user-friendly User interface.
Available to all your devices.
You can easily find your favorite show using search categories.
Daily updated of tv shows AND movies.

How to Install Megabox HD App On Android Using MegaboxHD Apk File??:

Although this full HD app is not on ”Google play store ”. So, you can not download Megabox HD app from play store directly.for downloading this app you need to download the "Megabox hd apk" from their official site”. You can download it from their site by following links.

How to Install Megabox HD On iPhone – Download Megabox HD For iOS 9.4/9.3/9.2??:

Install Megabox HD On iPhone – Download Megabox HD For iOS 9.4/9.3/9.2: For downloading this HD for ios you need to follow this guideline. This HD app is not available for ios .but you can download it on ios ,yes it is do so you please refer this great article by clicking this link Megabox HD App

Download Megabox HD For PC(Windows 10/8.1/8/7) and Mac Computer/Laptops:

You can now download this app for your personal system. The Megabox HD app is available for pc and mac also laptops. To download the This App for your pc just follow some instructions and you will be done with the installation of the Megabox HD for pc.
Link to download the Megabox for pc ,windows, mac ,laptops.

Conclusion: I hope you get satisfied with this article ,this is all about the Megabox HD app for android ,ios and windows pc.if you have any queries please do comment .we will be updating the contents if require,thanks for visiting.
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How to install Facebook Gameroom in windows 7/8/10 PC/Desktop FREE

Facebook games are latest and simpler software developed by facebook that provides lots of game free. it has become more widespread even than A-List titles. They’re free, simple and easy for anyone to play, while the most popular ones are designed to be highly addictive. If you want to play Facebook games without even visiting Facebook, check this guide which described the free Gameroom Facebook application.

This guide is exclusively for readers who’re interested in Facebook games. if you searching the article that helpful to install facebook game room. so, you're in right place and if you are some this question in your mind like given below then start reading steps

1. What is Facebook Gameroom (former Facebook Games Arcade)?
2. How To Installing Facebook Gameroom
3. Playing Facebook games in windows

What is Facebook Gameroom (former Facebook Games Arcade)?

Facebook Gameroom is developed by Facebook Games Arcade in the early summer of 2016. In its short article,  I am going to tell you what is facebook game room. it already changed its name once. This was the fact that the term “arcade” didn’t sound familiar to those who were interested in Facebook games, especially the younger ones. Thus, it was renamed to Facebook Gameroom.
Similarly to the page, the purpose of Facebook Gameroom is to let people use the popular social network’s services without even visiting it. With it, you can play Facebook games on Windows.

This is useful if you just want to play and not get distracted or disturbed by posts or messages on Facebook. It is also helpful if your computer doesn’t have a lot of RAM, since no browser is involved in squeezing out memory and processing power:

How to Installing Facebook Gameroom

In this process of the installation of Facebook Gameroom could  be simpler.
Step 1: Simply go to the official site and click Install Now.

How to Play Facebook Games on Windows with Facebook Gameroom

Step 2: Downloading will start imminently. it will take few minutes as per your internet speed.

Step 3: Then the setup file will be download  in your Desktop. Double click on that setup and install it on your PC.
How to Play Facebook Games on Windows with Facebook Gameroom
Step 4: After opening the program for the first time, you will need to connect with your Facebook Account. The otherwise app will not allow you to play Facebook games if you don’t have a Facebook account.

Playing Facebook games in windows

After logging into the app with your Facebook account, you will be presented will a small introductory tutorial that consists of three steps. The truth is that Facebook Gameroom is so simple to use that the tour is unnecessary for anyone, except for completely novice users.

How to Play Facebook Games on Windows with Facebook Gameroom

Step 1: Application simply tells you some instruction that can helpful for your read and clicks next. 

Step 2: If you select a game to play, it will occupy almost all of the window’s space, leaving only a bar at the top.

Step 3: Now Click To verify your facebook account. 

Step 4: Downloading will start in your Facebook Gameroom Application and downloading speed depends on your internet Connection.

Playing Facebook games in windows

Facebook Gameroom gives you access to virtually any game that’s released on Facebook.This however, does not mean that all games will work in the app.

Some games might require browser features, such as WebGL, which does not currently exist in Gameroom Facebook.Since this app is still relatively new, there’s a high chance that future updates will include the required features and fixes.

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How to Download and Install YouTube Kids App for iOS/Android

Hello, friends today I am telling you  how to download and install YouTube Kids app on iOS (9.3.4 or 10) and Android(7/6) to entertain kids or help them learn in a fun way anywhere.

This is a tutorial on how to install the YouTube for Kids app to keep your children safe when watching videos online. You may prefer to observe what your kids are interested in and help them learn in terms of their activities during watching various videos online on youtube or any other website. so, youtube kids app is the best solution for concentrating on your kid's activity. On the other hand, it is not so easy to pick out a very age-appropriate video for your kids from countless contents online. Focusing on families and kids, Google released YouTube Kids app for iOS (9.3.4/10) and Android (6.0/7.0) devices leading parents to learn to pretty suitable entertaining or learning videos for kids much easier and bringing great video viewing experience to children. This article will guide you to download YouTube Kids app for iOS/Android for giving your kids a safe and fresh way to explore videos.

YouTube Kids APP Features

  • YouTube Kids app comes to us with a completely kid-friendly design, fast and simple navigation, large images, bold buttons and more
  • It classifies family-focused contents into different categories, Shows, Music, Learning and enables kids to discover cartoons, kids' songs, games etc, from Explore category. Kids can browse favorite channels like Sesame Street, Dreamworks, Talking Tom and Friends and more to grab new series and new upgraded contents. 
  • In addition, parents can control viewing experience of kids by turning off the search to only allow kids to get channels and playlists on home screen protecting them from some improper contents, to let kids know when to stop watching with the built-in timer or turn off sounds for a quiet environment.
Step 1: Download YouTube Kids
In your Google play or app store, search for "YouTube Kids" and tap the icon as it appears.

Step 2: Install And Accept
You will be prompted to install the app. Once you click install, you will need to accept the terms to access the components to operate the app and enter your password.

Step 3: Open The App
Wait a moment while the app installs. The stronger your internet connection, the faster the app will install. Once installed, you may open the app by tapping on the green open button.

Step 4: Establish Settings For Your Kid
In order to establish the safety permittees for your child, you will need to set them. You can set time limits, limit or eliminate search, and more. Tap the lock icon to input your appropriate settings for your child.

Step 5: Confirm You Are An Adult
YouTube has spelled out the numbers for you to enter to confirm you are an adult.

Step 6: It Keeps You Safe
Now you should be ready to hand over the phone to your child. There additional settings if you tap the gear icon. You can also use the timer to limit how long your child can watch videos. You can see that search is limited to child-safe content.

Alternative Way to Watch YouTube Kids Videos

YouTube Kids is the best app for kids and well-received by most parents for it grants an effortless and safe way for kids to watch favorite videos, shows and learn simple songs, crafting, alphabets etc. 

Free Download YouTube Kids Videos

However, some worries of YouTube Kids exist:
  • It requires a network connection. You will spend huge mobile traffic cost without Wi-Fi.
  • Poor network will cause long-time loading or even sudden interruption. 
  • The ads before real video may make your kids annoyed. 
  •  YouTube Kids limits to U.S. users right now.
If you want to get YouTube Kids videos playback offline without ads and network influences, or you are not a U.S. user but want to play great YouTube Kids videos for your kids, you can free download videos for kids from YouTube instead of download YouTube Kids app.

WinX YouTube Downloader is one of the leading YouTube video downloaders to free download any YouTube Kids videos, latest movies, music, sports videos etc, in 360p SD, 720p/1080p HD, even 4K UHD speedily. Bundled no adware, spyware or virus, you can use this best YouTube kids video downloader on your computer with no worries at all.

Tip: You can directly transfer the downloaded kid's videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod via the best video transfer software - WinX MediaTrans, which can convert all incompatible videos to iDevices playback formats for smooth playback.

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How to Create an Account on Netflix Free 2016

hello friends today i am going to tell you simple way to create Netflix Account. Keep your credit card on hand, because you’ll need it. Go through the simple procedure given below

Step 1: Go to in your web browser and select Start Your Free Month from the home page.

 Step 2: You can create your account OR You can also sign up through your Facebook account (the advantage to this is that you’ll be able to discover new shows by seeing what your friends are watching) or by entering an email and password. Select Register.

Step 3: Select the type of subscription you want (one screen, two screens or four screens) and the method of payment you’ll be using.
Netflix Account accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) as well as PayPal.

Enter your credit card information (NOTE: though it's not shown here, you may need to provide your mailing code if you are using Netflix in the United States and certain other countries).  Then, check off that you are over 18 and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Then click Start Membership.

Step 4: Once you click Start Membership, you’ll be redirected to the homepage, where you can browse TV shows and movies to instantly begin streaming.

Whether or not you intend to continue your subscription, you’ll still get the first month of your subscription free, and will not be billed for that month.

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Download Vshare for PC ( Windows 10,8,7,XP ) and IOS ( iPhone & iPad ) Devices

Hello friends, In this article, we are going to show you how to download vshare for PC and how to install vshare ios devices without jailbreak. Vshare is the first app download platform that is native and jailbroken compatible. With vshare app, you can download all apps and games for your ios (iPhone,iPad) devices without jailbreak. You can also connect your iPhone or iPad with your windows PC to download and back up all your ios apps and settings stored on your PC. In this article, we guide you how to download vshare for PC on windows 10,8,7,XP and ios devices without jailbreak.

Vshare is the first application which supports to download all apps and games for ios devices with native and jailbroken features. It is a platform market for ios devices. Vshare for PC helps you to take control of your Phone,ipad to windows PC. You can reserve all your local files by connecting your ios device to PC. Let’s have a look at features of vshare app for PC.

Features of Vshare for PC :

It is the first app download platform with jailbroken compatible.
You can download all apps and games for your ios devices with your PC.
Rooting will reserve local files and you can back up all files of ios device on the computer.
one key back up and  recovery of files is possible.
Safe, simple and easily manage your mobile on your windows computer.
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Download Vshare for PC on Windows 10,8.1,8,7 & XP :

Vshare is mainly developed for ios devices to download apps and games without jailbreak. So they didn’t need to develope PC version. But after it’s success with ios devices, they developed the official vshare app for PC, Android devices. You can download vshare app for windows directly from the official site. With vshare app connect your ios device to a computer to store local files, install apps and games and also back up settings, ring tones etc with your PC.

step 1: Simply go to the official site

step 2: Click on Download button for the PC on the site.

step 3: Then go to the download folder and double click on setup than setup will run wait for a second and press On key installation button.

step 4: After few second window like given below is occurs and then wait up the setup finish.

step 5: After that press, the button Try it Now.

step 6: Now your application is Ready for the uses. simply connect your mobile phone use it.

With this, we completed the tutorial on how to download vshare for pc and ios devices. Visit this website for all latest apps and games for all PC, android, and ios devices and also share this on social media. Thank you for visiting our website.

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Download vShare for iOS(iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak, vShare App 2017

vShare is one of the most usable application stores for the iOS. so, today we will be discussing on the steps that will help you in getting it installed on your mobile phone for iOS 9.3/9.2/9.2.1 or iOS 9.1/9/9.3.2 versions. This Application can be installed without jailbreak and the steps to achieve so are written in this article, you just need to follow them.

vShare for iOS 9-9.3/10/9.3.2/9.2/9.2.1 or iOS 9.2/9.1/9.4/9 Without Jailbreak: vShare is a very popular app that helps the mobile phone user to download best apps and games on your device. Both, the android user or an iOS user can download this app and enjoy the benefits.

Following this simple process, you can install the vShare app on your device. Moreover, if the device which you are using is not jailbroken then you might face minimal errors after completing the installation process. Now, this error can be fixed by following the steps that are given below here and that’s our main motive that will be achieved with the completion of this article.

Download vShare for iOS 9.3/9.3.2/9.2.1/9.2/10/9.1 Without Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad/iPod Touch The guiding steps to install the vShare app on an iOS 9 or above device without the jailbreak. The following post will show how the errors can be fixed that are encountered in the installation procedure in un-jailbroken devices such as how to fix the error of untrusted enterprise developer while installing the vShare app, the error of not able to download the app etc.

these steps can also be followed on devices such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6S+ and iPhone 6S, iPhone 5, 5S, iPad Mini 2/3/4, iPad Air 2/3/4, iPod Touch 4th Generation, 5th Generation.

It must be noted that the steps have already been followed on an iPad but will only work on devices with iOS 9 or above. Let’s dig in working steps of Download vShare for iOS 9.3/9.3.1/9.2.1/9.2 or iOS 9.1/9 or upcoming iOS 10/9.4 Versions Without Jailbreak

Disclaimer : We never encourage any methods which cause damages to your device. And this CydiaTech Blog has not affiliated any Apple Website or Apple Company.
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Installation Steps of vShare for iOS 9.3/9.2.1/9.2/10 or iOS 9.1/9 Without Jailbreak. The steps are as follows-

Step 1: Click on the app named as “Safari”.

Step 2: Now, type in the address bar and enter the website on your device with iOS 9 or above.

Step 3:  Post opening of the website, click on the left side tab which is marked as “Download (Unjailbroken)” or tap on the download button if your device is jailbroken.

Updated vShare for iOS 9.3/9.3.2 or iOS 9.2/9.2.1 No Jailbreak
Step 4: After the downloading is done, a pop-up will appear as “ would like to install vShare” after which you need to tap on “Install”.

Step 5: After hitting the install button, click on the home button and slide on to the last page and then wait until the installation is completed.

Step 6: Now, when you open the vShare app on your device with iOS 9 or above then you will see a prompt message as “Untrusted Enterprise Developer – “”iPhone Distribution (…)” has not been trusted on this iPhone. Until this developer has been trusted their enterprise app will not be available for use.” Hit the cancel button as soon as you see it.

Step 7: Post canceling the message, click on the home button, then go to the “Settings” option than to the “General” and the finally tap on the “Profile s” option. Here you need to find that profile that was mentioned on the message that you saw earlier, i.e., in the above step. After the selection is done, click on the “Trust” tab for two times in a row.

vShare App working on iOS 9.4/9.3/9.3.2, 9.2.1 Updated Version

Step 8: Finally, go back so as to open the vShare app again. Such a change from an untrusted to a trusted one will surely open your vShare app without crash.

Error Fix : “Unable to Download App: “vShare” could not be installed at this time” on iOS 9.3-9.2/10/9.2.1/9.1/9

If a message as “Unable to Download App: “vShare” could not be installed at this time” appears on the screen then you need to tap on done and wait. The wait may occur due to huge traffic on the server; therefore, it is advised that you try the same at the time of low hours. It must be duly noted that if it does not work the first then don’t press the “Retry” button anymore, uninstall the app and start again from the step one.
If you get a message as “Error Failed to contact the origin” then you need to follow the above step again on
In this tutorial, we took few upcoming versions too like iOS 10 or iOS 9.4/9.5/9.3.3. We expecting these steps are almost same as older versions. If there any changes in upcoming version then we will update this article so please do visit again.

Have fixed the above error ?. Or if you any queries on this vShare App for iOS 9.3/9.3.2/9.2.1 or iOS 10/9.1/9.2 Without Jailbreak procedure shoot me in the comments.

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