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Video Duke: bliss for Mac users

Eltima Software is a Germany based company and has recently launched an amazing application for Mac users. The name of this application is Video Duke and they have placed this one in the category of user-friendly applications for Mac OS. The main function of the application is to download videos for this particular operating system. The videos can be downloaded from various websites in various resolutions. Here are a few of the important things one must know about this unique application.

Supported by common social platforms:

This amazing app can download videos fixed by HTML5 very easily. This can also download the videos that could be streamed on Real-time Messaging Protocol. Not just this, Video duke is supported by various other social platforms like YouTube etc. This simply means that the user can enjoy every feature offered by YouTube. One can simply save the desired video in desired quality and the audio files can also be extracted by any particular YouTube video.

Have two modes of operation:

This app can be operated in two modes. The first mode is simple and the second mode is advanced. The two modes work according to their names. First one is simple and short, having less number of controls while downloading the videos. In the second mode, one gets more complex options. This mode will show you all the resources that come from the web page such as the images, Flash animation, audio and the video itself. This makes the downloading easy as one can download any of these things just by clicking on the download button next to these options.  For more advancement, the content can also be filtered according to your desire. One just needs to switch between the tabs of the app.

Apt for downloading subtitles:

As mentioned earlier, this app is not just good for downloading videos, but you can enjoy various other features too with this. Along with the video, the user can download and save the subtitles or closed captions in his computer. These subtitles or captions are saved as SRT file in the computer. These can be played by almost every video player. If there is any problem in playing the subtitles then it is definitely the fault of the source or the type of file in which it was downloaded.

Bookmark your favourite video:

Along with all these features, this app offers you the option of a bookmark, through which you can bookmark your favourite content. If one adds this app with their browser, the speed of downloading the videos will become faster. Also, if someone sees a video of their choice, he or she can initiate to download it by merely clicking the bookmark option.
VideoDuke is such an application that is very natural and straightforward. This can download numerous types of files, especially videos from any of the popular web sources. The team behind the development of this application is willing to give their customers the best.
So, these were few of the points that every Mac user should know about this application. This is an amazing application and will act wonders for every Mac users.