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Efficient Elmedia Player for Mac users

Mac owners love pretty much everything Apple. Pretty much, but not all. Apple products are designed to perfection and are wonderful, but there is still some space for improvement. A good example is Safari browser - many users will prefer to use Google Chrome or Firefox instead of it.

Then there is QuickTime. Works great for some users. However, there are alternatives with more features and flexibility. Elmedia Player is a great solution that additionally to its many benefits can download online videos when in PRO version. Elmedia supports way more file types than QuickTime does.

As in a Mac app, the interfaces of both players are somewhat similar, so it is easy to switch from one to another. Among the formats supported by Elmedia users will be pleased to find: FLV, SWF, WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, DAT, FLAC, M4V, MPG, MKV, etc.

As mentioned before, Elmedia Player also comes in PRO version. Elmedia Player PRO offers the full spectrum of playlist options, can make screenshots of a movie, works with Flash files, and more. It also supports downloading videos from YouTube and many other websites, and one can extract MP3 from an online video instead of saving the whole video. Subtitles can be downloaded along with the videos. Also, Elmedia allows watching online YouTube videos without ads. With its built-in browser, one can look up videos online without leaving the app, watch them and then download.

There is a full-screen mode to enjoy a movie with no distractions and the option of pinning Elmedia over other apps so you can watch videos even while working with other apps. Oh, and AirPlay is supported.

Those who frequently download online, know there is a problem from time to time with audio, video tracks, and subtitles not being in sync – Elmedia Player can help you eliminate this issue. You can also set a preferred subtitles’ font size, color, encoding, etc.

A truly pleasant surprise is that this lightweight app packed with all conveniences is available for a very reasonable price. And remember: before investing in PRO version it is always best to use the free version of the app to make sure this is the perfect solution for your needs.